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Regional Museum of Scania

On the main square of Kristianstad, not far from the central station, are the Regional museum\'s largest exhibition halls. Within walking-distance are the Film Museum and the Railway Museum. And with our open-air museums and branches we stretch from coast to coast. The museum´s permanent exhibitions give the visitor a deeper understanding of different aspects of Scania.

We reach out to the entire region through our traveling exhibitions, and not least, through our Heritage Department, located in both Lund and Kristianstad, serving all of Scania in historical monument and building questions.

The Museum has been located since 1959 in what was once a stable built for the horses of Danish king Christian IV.

At first primarily a county museum, it has expanded since then to include Åhus museum, the Film Museum, the Railway Museum and several open-air museums.

In 1977, the county museum became the regional museum for the former province of Kristianstad. Today called The Regional Museum of Scania, we are a foundation with offices in Kristianstad and Lund, and are active throughout the entire Scanian region.

On December 8th, 2001 our new Museum of Contemporary Art will be opened to the public together with the new auditorium, café and museum shop.

Cultural Heritage Department

Director of the Regional Museum/Heritage Department

The Regional Museum is responsible for conservation measures for profane buildings, churches, landscapes of cultural importance, and archaeology in Scania, by commission of the national government. We offer consultation services for private persons and public authorities.

Archaeological Department

The excavations by the archaeologists of the Regional Museum cover a time span of over 10 000 years, from deer-hunting nomads of the Stone Age to medieval craftsmen. We work primarily in the northeastern part of Scania, but are responsible for inspecting churches and cemeteries in almost the entire region.

Modern computer technique allows us to register and present archaeological information, and assists us in the production of exhibitions, books and articles.

We also have a register with descriptions of all the ancient monuments of Scania. The laws pertaining to disturbing monuments are very strict, and it is of interest for everyone to adhere to them.

Building Conservation

Our major task is to assure that historically valuable buildings are preserved and maintained in a correct manner. We gather and distribute information about the importance and method of restoration techniques, from architectural details, entire buildings, city blocks, villages, and parks.

Together with consultants, we can plan conservation measures, inspections and restorations of houses, churches, castles and manors, industries, traditional building forms and the cultural landscape.

Allowing a conservationist to inspect before you renovate or repair can both save funding and preserve irreplaceable cultural values.

Archives, Library and Collections

The Regional Museum has an extensive archive, ranging from drawing plans, photographs to maps and records, mostly from the eastern areas of Scania. Our reference library has a unique collection of material concerning Scania, as well as art, archaeology, anthropology, cultural history, film, technical history and nature. The collection of artefacts contains 100 000 - 120 000 objects collected over a period of 125 years.


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