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Lancewad. Mapping the Landscape and Cultural Heritage in the Wadden Sea Region  

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Model Project Constance  

Rhön Biosphere Reserve  

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Co-operating grazing system: The Allmende-Project  

EUROGA - Culture and nature at Rhine and Maas  

Eine Moorlandschaft in Schleswig-Holstein / Bog in Schleswig-Holstein  

Vulkanpark Eifel  

English County Councils and their Sites and Monuments Registers  

Heritage of Ireland  

Petrarca - European Academy for the Culture of the Landscape  

The German socety for peatlands  

International "Bauausstellung" (IBA) Prince Pueckler Land - a workshops for new landscapes  

Graduate College "Formation and Development of Present-Day Landscapes"  

Changes of the Geo-Biosphere during the last 15,000 years  

Wildlife park Spessart  

Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve Vosges du Nord - Pfälzerwald  


Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.  

University Consortium for Geographic Information Science  

A virtual seminar in Geographic Information Science  

Courses in GIScience focus on the theory of GIS and discuss conceptual reasons for having a GIS in place.  

Precision Agriculture  

CAA - Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology  

Autodesk - processing survey data and creating plans and 3D reconstructions of archaeological sites,,129446-123112,00.html  

The Danish Arkdata archive  

Initiative "Geoinformationswirtschaftskongress"  

French GIS - Newsletter  


All about Prehistory with 2626 links  

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European Association of Archaeology  

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe  

ArcheoNet - Archaeology forwards the third millennium  

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Archaeological Open Air Museum

The Irish National Heritage Park  

Federsee Bad Buchau - Reindeer Hunters and Lake Dwellers  

Historisch Openluchtmuseum Eindhoven  

A Guide To Ancient Monuments Around The United Kingdom  


Bede's World, Jarrow, where Bede lived and worked 1300 years ago  

Butser Ancient Farm. The open air laboratory for research into Prehistoric and Roman agriculture and building techniques  

Heritage of the mankind - the Palaeolithic hunting station and landscape of Schoeningen (Germany)  

Hjemsted Oldtidspark  

Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen  

Swedish Institute for Ancient Technology  


Cultural Management in Southwest Germany  

Natureum Niederelbe - The living museum at the Nothern Sea  

Culture actuelle in Schleswig-Holstein  



The first viennese vegetable orchestra  

Inflatable church  

Live needs variety  

Landscape and ironig  

World of soil  


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