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AÖZA Stone Age plate

Ever eaten Stone Age food?

Try the AÖZA-Platter!

A meal of specially marinated ribs, fresh salad with a herb dressing and the unique AÖZA round, flat bread with herbs, all prepared fresh with ingredients proven to have existed and been available during the Stone Age. Unlike others, the AÖZA-Platter is also eaten… Let us surprise you and set yourself back a few thousand years.

The idea for the AÖZA-Platter is not a recipe in the usual sense. It is only meant as a guideline, which leaves all necessary freedom in the kitchen. For the marinade you need some water, a bit of broth, vinegar, sweetener, peppercorns, allspice, juniper berries, majoram, and one large onion, quartered with skin. Combine all ingredients to taste and let the marinade cook thoroughly for a while. Cut the ribs between the bones and place them in the boiling broth. Be careful! Only let the ribs boil slowly, otherwise the meat will come off the bone. The ribs should only be cooked 2/3 well done. Remove the meat carefully from the broth and place it into a roasting pan and finish cooking the meat at approx. 160°C in the oven until the meat is well done. Return the meat to the broth and let cool.

For the salad you need lentils (cook in a little unsalted water, until only slightly soft and let them cool), apples (cut them into small pieces), nuts (chopped into medium small pieces), and lettuce (cut into medium sized slices). Mix all ingredients. For the dressing you need to mix applesauce, a little herb vinegar, oil and some water. Pour dressing over the salad.

Remove the meat from the broth and let it drip dry. Place meat on a board or plate and garnish with salad on the side. Spread a little maple syrup on the meat and serve with the flat herb bread. And please... don't forget a finger bowl and a wealth of napkins!!

The AÖZA-Platter can be found in Albersdorf in the village pub "Offenbüttel" on Hauptstraße 7, Offenbüttel, Tel. 04835-291, in the restaurant of the "Hotel Ohlen", Weg zur Badeanstalt 1, Albersdorf, Tel. 04835-351 and in the billiard café "Airlines" Norderstr. 29, Albersdorf, Tel. 04835-7268

design: Kai M. Wurm
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