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Culture 2000

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Boiled apples with bacon

(Four persons)

10 large apples

½ kilo bacon (not sliced)



Peal the apples, remove the core and cut them in "boats". Slice the bacon in fairly thick pieces - about 5 mm. Put the apple pieces in a cooking pot together with a little bit of water (prevents the apples from burning). The apples are cooked until they reach a porridge consistency - add a couple of spoonfuls of the liquid bacon fat, and depending on the sweetness of the apples add sugar. While cooking the apples fry the bacon in a pan or - if you are smart and don´t want the hole house to smell of fried bacon! - in the oven. The bacon is fried until it reach the state crispiness you prefere. Serve the apples and bacon with rye bread (Danish style!). "Æbleflæsk" is usually served during fall and winter - and there are lots of local variations in the way of how to prepare this dish just right. Dark beer is the right beverage to accompany "æbleflæsk", and because it can be a little fat you have a good excuse to also enjoy a "snaps" with the meal!

design: Kai M. Wurm
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